Dedicated Server Vs Cloud Computing

Dedicated Server Vs Cloud Computing

To have a strong and viable online presence people build websites. And every one of us know that a website can never remain up and running without a proper hosting in support! However, now a fantastic point has come up in choosing hosting servicesdedicated Vs cloud computing. People are getting little confused! Which one is better for them? Should they go for dedicated service or it is best to use cloud on ‘pay for the usage only’.

Let us try to have a comparative look at the matter – dedicated Vs cloud server. Below I have tried to point out a few interesting facts that come in consideration when choosing cloud or the dedicated server for hosting a site:

  • The first point that comes in consideration in the discussion of dedicated Vs cloud computing is the time consumption in deploying the servers at service. Cloud servers are ready-made with so many options to choose according to needs. But dedicated ones need to be configured and that process surely takes time with high level of expertise.
  • One of the most fuming points that people have to consider when trying to tally dedicated Vs cloud server is scalability between the two. Whether it is vertical (adding hardware) or the horizontal (adding network to balance the load) scaling cloud server is very much useful and can be scaled fast. But in dedicated servers the hosting service has to be down or new backup server creation takes time.
  • The point on which people keep thinking is the reliability of dedicated Vs cloud. Sometimes it is found that the cloud servers are can not establish as the reliable one against the dedicated servers or the vice-versa. Actually it depends on reputation of the hosting service providers selected by the client.
  • In the tussle of dedicated Vs cloud computing the service does matter. Sometimes dedicated servers are best as pressure on servers is less. But in clouds management tries best in providing highest level of service yet influx of huge visitors may create problem. Whereas in dedicated servers maximum root control remains on the client but in problem conditions service providers are found relaxing or unavailable too.
  • In the matter of affordability cloud servers are far ahead of the dedicated servers. It is the reason for which cloud servers are winners in the fight dedicated Vs cloud. In cloud servers clients only pay for the usage of the hosting space and services. But in dedicated servers a certain amount of space and level of service are always bought, whether in use or not. It comes as loss of money and resource too.

So from the above point hopefully you have understand how the topic dedicated Vs cloud computing has become a real matter of debate and consideration when people think of hiring or buying the space for website hosting purposes. Both dedicated and the cloud hosting has their unique features for providing best hosting service. Actually it depends on the requirements of services. If the client wants to go for pay per usage, cloud is the best. On the other hand if you know the limit or the amount of space you require in future, go for dedicated hosting. Finally it is found that people are going for hybrid of the two to avoid confusion of dedicated Vs cloud computing and get top-level service.

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