Best 3 FREE Downtime Monitoring Tool – Real-Time Status

Best 3 FREE Downtime Monitoring Tool – Real-Time Status

Do you know the repercussions when your web server is down? You not only lose visitors and potential customers but you maybe “ignored” by search engines when they are doing their website crawling. According to Google, if the host is down when Googlebot tries to access your web pages, those pages may disappear from the index until Googlebot can crawl them again. But how do you know your server is down without constantly checking your sites? This chapter will share a few free services to help you evaluate your downtimes. From there you can decide if it’s time to look for another server solution.

Unless you want to monitor your web site by hand, hitting the refresh button every now and then to see if the server is down, you will be happy be that there are tools to monitor this process for you and the best of them are free. These free services can monitor your downtimes 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and they will let you know if there is a problem either by email, RSS or even on your cell phone through SMS.

Here are some of the recommended best free services to monitor your server downtimes:

Google also offer free webmaster tools to ascertain if the Googlebot had tried to index your site while it was down. You can also check the frequency of visits by the Googlebot to see how long the time lag between crawls; if you site is is not being crawled frequently, then you won’t have to worry about occasional short downtimes.

It will not be the end of the world for you and your website if the Googlebot does happen to miss your site on a particular crawl because the site was down. Google has openly stated that the Googlebot will give your site a few tries before actually dropping it from the Google search result pages. Even if that is the case, it is still advisable to monitor your server downtimes and make adjustments when necessary. Why take the risk?

From the above, we can see that visitors, customers and even search engines seldom penalize you almost immediately if your website is down. Hence if your website gets down too often, it will be in your best interest to move your website to another host before you start active promotion.

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