Finding A Cheap cPanel Web Hosting Company

Finding A Cheap cPanel Web Hosting Company

When you’re just getting started online, one of the most confusing aspects to getting a website up and running is the web hosting.

There are so many companies trying to get your business, all offering seemingly excellent deals that it can be very tough to work out who the good companies are, and exactly what it is that makes them better than their competitors.

I often get asked to make recommendations to people about hosting in situations where the money is a little bit tight, and they’re really just dipping their toe in the online waters.

In these cases my recommendation is always to go about the business of finding a cheap cPanel website hosting company.

But what is a cPanel web hosting company, and why should you be looking for one of these over some other kind of web hosting provider.

Well, without getting too technical, cPanel is basically a dashboard for your web hosting.

It lets you take care of things related to the hosting of your website without you needing to know a whole lot of technical stuff yourself.

So basically it makes the process of adding a website to your hosting as easy as possible.

Not all web hosting providers will offer cPanel as part of their hosting deals. I can remember my first experience online, not knowing what cPanel was and unfortunately I chose a company that didn’t offer cPanel.

And while I ended up understanding the dashboard that they offered as an alternative, it was only when I moved to a new host that did offer cPanel, that I realised how much more difficult things had been on me without it.

So when you’re looking for a web host, one of the first things you should check is that they offer cPanel.

The next thing you should do is try and find some reviews and testimonials.

The first place I’d recommend you look for these is from someone you know that already has some experience with websites.

Find out how their experience has been, especially with regards to customer service and website uptime.

Unfortunately many web hosts are poor in the area of customer service, and when you’re under pressure trying to figure out why your website won’t work, having a host that delivers good customer service can really help.

If you can, compile a bit of a short list from these reviews and testimonials.

With this short list you can then start going through each of the web hosting provider’s websites to determine how they differ from each other, and which one offers a service that seems to be closest to what you’re looking for.

The price comparison will obviously be a part of this if you’re looking for a cheap hosting company, but you shouldn’t quibble over one or two dollars a month if there is one service that really stands out above the others.

In the end it is your business and you need to treat it that way by investing in the cPanel website hosting company that is going to be the most effective for your needs.

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