Hosting Teleseminars – Allow Prospects To Hear Your Voice To Build Your Online Business

Allowing your prospects to hear your voice is the next best thing to meeting them in person. Your online business is a global one, so this might be the only way you can connect with people around the world who need what you have to offer.

Hosting your own teleseminars will be both rewarding and profitable as you continue to build your online business. I’ve been doing this as part of my online marketing strategy since 2007, and it has been an excellent way for me to build my list, answer questions on my topics, and connect with people whom I may not ever meet in person. As you begin to incorporate teleseminars into your business, you will want to think about the time of day and frequency of your calls, which topics you will focus on, and how you will monetize the calls from the very beginning.

There is no perfect day of the week or time of the day for you to host your teleseminar. Our online businesses serve people around the globe, so someone will always have a time conflict. I recommend that you choose a day and time that is convenient for you, and then have your call at this same exact time every single week. The idea is to get your audience used to when and where they can hear you each week to hear what you have to say and to get their questions answered.

Choose topics of discussion that are most comfortable for you. In the beginning, I shared information on blogging and article writing with my listeners. This was because these were the areas I was actively pursuing at that time, and I had many tips and much information that was helpful to them. I prepared a two or three page study guide for each call, and promoted two or three affiliate products and courses within each study guide. By keeping my offers in line with the topics I was discussing, people began to make purchases during that first month. Later on I began repurposing these study guides into short reports I could give to my list on a regular basis.

My recommendation is to only promote one affiliate product on each call during your first one to two months of hosting your own teleseminars. This will get you used to the idea of selling, and help to make the transition from whatever line of work you used to be in to online marketer a smooth one. You will also be less likely to forget something, or to confuse your listeners by promoting many things at the same time.

You can see that hosting your own calls can be beneficial in many ways. Get started right away, and you will find that your online business grows very quickly once you get into the habit of doing this to reach out to your audience.

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