Review of RSStoBlog

The first thing I noticed after buying RSStoBlog was the well thought out email that came with the download instructions.

Several links were provided including:

1. A manual, which shows how to install the software.

2. A very active forum devoted to Rsstoblog. Many useful ideas and hints from members

3. A video which shows additional detail on using RSStoBlog

On the same day another email came from Michelle Timothy (the developer of Rsstoblog) explaining some extra points, with a welcome to contact her or the support center with any questions. I hesitated to do so, as before buying I sent Michelle 5 emails asking the sort of picky questions that would drive any manufacturer to distraction (all answered promptly and well by Michelle personally). By the way, the reason for my intense pre-purchase study was that there is no money back guarantee with the software ( justification for this is provided by the company, but is outside the scope of this review).

Anyway, I did send her another email with the address of a new webhost that I was thinking of using, asking if it was suitable for RSStoBlog. She checked it out and said that because it didn’t have a full cPanel, that doing cron jobs ( if you don’t know what they are don’t worry- all explained in the manual and videos) would be more difficult to implement- I could still use RSStoBlog but another host would be preferable.. Disappointing, as the host was cheap- but good to know.

The software can be used in many different ways. I think most users set it up as a way to automatically add content to their blogs (with linking back to their websites)so that both blog and sites it will be spidered quickly and often. They use it as an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation )tool .

My main use is somehat different. I want people to come to my blog and find it genuinely useful. Because I have a financial web page timely news is a big asset. With RSStoBlog I can blend news from different news sites in creative ways. Not only that I can add in other premium RSS feeds. With this I have a virtual creme de la creme of content targeted to my particular readership. However, this is only one part.

RSStoBlog also allows me to add my own comments and even images, timed to blend in with other items, so that the finished feed on my site is premium content.
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