Who is Your Web Host?

Web hosting is the crux and end of a successful online business. Many a webmaster is under the illusion that “If I have a sound idea, salable product or service it will sell itself.” Nothing could be further from the truth. For me I believe that if nobody sees your product or service it will not sell. You will agree with me that for any business to succeed, seamless operations have to occur from idea stage to the marketplace. It is on this premise I am asking this salient online question, “Who is your web host?”

Does your Web Host Sleep or Slumber?

If your web hosting service provider sleeps or slumbers then you are in for trouble. As far as we know online business are conducted 24/7, 365 days in a year. So, when you are not guaranteed 99.99% uptime you better look elsewhere for a responsible host. You are not concerned about cogent reasons for poor service but a delectable hosting service. Any prospective customer may want to check out your product, service and business online anytime and any day. What happens if the page requested is not available?

Where is Your Web Host Operating from?

You should be ready for a duel if your web host server is in somebody’s garage. Granted, an enterprising host just starting out could do something of such. But mind you any government who toys with her national security is prone to enemies’ invasion and courting with oppression. You don’t want the dog of your web host to be his personal assistant! A web hosting business should be treated as a business-planned, organized, directed and controlled. Is your web host a business?

Is Your Host an Experienced Hand in Hosting Business?

Let me share with you my never-to-be forgotten youthful experience. I remember buying a fine new piece of linen clothing material from a shop. I took it to a tailor to sew. After making inquiries about the cost of sewing it from five (5) tailors, I settled for the cheapest. Little did I know that he was inexperienced and a quack. In short, when I put on the finished dress I wept. Anywhere I go; concerned citizens will ask me, “Who sewed this dress for you?”

The moral of this story is that you should not allow your business to become mincemeat of an inexperienced web host with little or no technical support and customer service.

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